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The fourth of the Team’s five taped Reparation Orders identified with a 22 year old single lady, Kay Howard. Darnell and the group inspected the photo at the front of the record as they sat in the Department’s workplaces one Tuesday evening. “Very lovely,” said Darnell, taking a gander at the charming confronted young lady with neckline length light dark colored hair and blue eyes. “Appears she connected for an Exemption from the Department on religious grounds, yet her Appeal was rejected and the Order stands.”

The group took off as normal in Darnell’s Ford Explorer, and drew up outside her flat, wearing NCAAV attire and conveying all their standard weapons and gear. It was a cutting edge ground floor loft in a four story piece, set in all around tended grounds. They rang the ringer and the young lady replied. “Ms. Howard?” asked Darnell. “Branch of Reparations. We’re here to uphold your Reparations Order, Ms. Howard.”

“Goodness,” said Kay Howard. “You would do well to come in.” She took a gander at the six gigantic equipped dark men worriedly. She was around 5 ft. 5, and Darnell overshadowed her by a foot. She was beautiful, with her light darker hair orchestrated in a short braid. Her wide blue eyes and freckled face coordinated her little reprimand nose and full mouth. She was wearing a white shirt and blue-dim pullover, with a knee length dim skirt and sensible dark shoes with a low foot rear area. She resembled a secondary school young lady and was not wearing any make up.

They entered the little parlor and she sat down on the couch. “It would be ideal if you take a seat on the off chance that you can discover anyplace,” she said grinning. A book of scriptures and some religious writing lay on the foot stool.

“Is there any other individual in the flat?” asked Darnell.

“No, I live alone,” she answered. Darnell gestured to Jalon, who went and checked alternate rooms. He restored a couple of minutes after the fact. “All reasonable,” he declared.

She was clearly on edge and scared by the nearness of the group. “Kindly don’t be bothered by the camera, Ms. Howard,” said Darnell. “It’s for interior and observing use as it were.” He delivered the Order from her record.

Kay Howard become flushed and stammered anxiously. “I connected for an Exemption from the Department of Reparations,” she clarified. “I’m a dedicated Christian and I trust that sex before marriage is wicked. I’ve never engaged in sexual relations with a man. I’m a virgin. I trust in sparing my virginity as a blessing to my significant other when we get hitched.”

“Goodness,” said Trevon, “you mean nobody’s lost your virginity yet? How old would you say you are, nectar? Have you never had a beau or kissed a person?”

Kay become flushed a more profound shade of red. It was so humiliating discussing sex with outsiders. “Truly, I have had beaus, and I have kissed a man previously,” she said discreetly. “I have met men on a Christian dating site. I’ve been attempting to locate a Christian spouse. I dated a dark Christian person as of late. Be that as it may, sex before marriage is against my convictions. I was trusting the Department would regard my convictions and give me an Exemption.”

“The Department has thought about your Application, Ms. Howard,” said Darnell. “In any case, as you probably are aware, your Appeal was dismissed and I’m perplexed the Order stands. We’re here to authorize the Order now.”

Kay looked dejected and destroys welled in her eyes. She started wailing discreetly. “I would prefer not to violate the law, however I can’t do this. I just can’t.”

Darnell put his arm on her shoulder to comfort her. “I regard your convictions, Ms. Howard,” he said. “I truly do. My uncle’s a Baptist Minister, and my family are on the whole churchgoers. I truly regard that. I trust you locate your great Christian spouse. In any case, it doesn’t influence your Order. This simply isn’t your decision any more. Also, your Church can’t point the finger at you on the off chance that you aren’t a virgin any more, since you don’t have a say in this any more. It would be ideal if you collaborate with us. It’ll be less demanding on the off chance that you do.”

Darnell took her by the arm, and drove her into a little room, which contained a twofold bed, a closet with a mirror, a dresser and bedside table with a light and wake up timer. A little wooden seat remained in the corner. There was sufficiently just extra space for Trevon and Terrell with the camera. Kay sat on the edge of the bed, grasping her tearstained confront. “Do I truly need to do this?” she inquired. “Do I need to engage in sexual relations with every one of you?” Darnell gestured. “Would you be able to give me a couple of minutes to supplicate first?” she inquired. Darnell gestured once more, and motioned to the next colleagues to leave the room.

Kay bowed on the room floor and caught her hands before her, her head bowed. She implored quietly for a couple of minutes. She swung to Darnell, remaining in the entryway. “Much obliged to you,” she said. “I’m prepared at this point.” She rose and sat on the bed.

Darnell put his hands on her shoulders, overshadowing her. “Try not to be scared, nectar,” he stated, “It’ll be alright.”

“Do you need me to get uncovered now?” she asked, surrendered to what was going to happen. Darnell gestured once more. He really felt for the young lady. Kay removed her pullover and collapsed it on the bed beside her. She stood up, unfastened her skirt, pulled it down her hips and ventured out of it. She unfastened her pullover, slid it over her shoulders, at that point got her skirt and collapsed it with the shirt on the bed. She removed her shoes, at that point sat down on the bed in her bra and tights. She unfastened her bra, liberating her little firm bosoms. She pulled down her tights, at that point rectified them. Her pants took after, uncovering a little triangle of pubic hair. She made no endeavor to cover herself up. She grabbed the little heap of collapsed apparel and put it on the seat. She rubbed her eyes, and gazed toward Darnell, gnawing her lip. “I’m prepared now,” she said.

Kay sat on the bed as Darnell stripped, her hand over her mouth. She gazed toward him, at that point down at the floor. Darnell’s solid, athletic frame overshadowed her, his colossal cockerel erect. Kay had never observed a man’s penis. “Goodness my pledge,” she shouted. “You’re so tall. You’re so enormous. If you don’t mind be delicate with me. I’ve never been with a man.”

“I will,” said Darnell. He put his arms round her shoulders and pulled her to him. He felt frustrated about the young lady. It was her first time. He needed her to appreciate it. “Try not to be startled. Would it be simpler for you on the off chance that you wore something? Would you like to put a nightdress on?”

Kay gestured. She went to the closet and pulled a sleeveless knee length white cotton nightdress over her head. “Much thanks to you,” she whispered. “That is somewhat you. Much obliged to you for being so attentive.”

Darnell leant over and kissed her energetically. She made no endeavor to stand up to. He tenderly brought down her on to the quaint little inn over her. He stroked her little firm bosoms through the nightdress and ran his hands over her sides and thighs. Kay lay latently and gradually started to react to him. He moved her docile thighs separated and gradually entered her, facilitating his tremendous length and size further inside her. She groaned delicately and kissed him, her hands holding the sides of his face to her. He push musically more profound and more profound inside her womb, extending her pussy as far as possible. There appeared to be no conclusion to his monstrous length. She angled her back and moved upwards towards him. Darnell held her shoulders and upper arms and expanded the beat of his musical pushes.

Kay groaned and whined delicately, kissing him enthusiastically, her legs spread wide separated. She came to climax as he discharged somewhere inside her, and died down gasping as he pulled back from her. At 22 years old, Darnell had at last made a genuine lady of her. Kay took him by the arms and pulled him back towards her. He kissed her again energetically. Kay reacted enthusiastically, negligent of all the others. She had never experienced anything like this.

Kay connected towards Darnell as he ascended off the bed. He swung to the others. “Relax with her, folks,” he said. “It’s her first time.”

Various activity replays took after, as Trevon, Jalen, Tyrone and Maurice each fucked her preacher style, delicately however overwhelmingly, with their immense cockerels. She turned out to be increasingly vivified and vocal on each event, squirming and squirming in happiness, and clung on to every one of her dark accomplices when they had completed, obviously unwilling to release them. She lay back with her legs separated, groaning delicately and touching her pussy, their smooth dark sperm streaming from somewhere inside her. She was by all accounts unquenchable.